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Footbike World Championships 2012 St. Wendel

Pictures and videos taken by me with Sony SLT A65, Fuji W3 3D and GoPro Hero2:

Racing results you can find here (XLS format, page of

Pictures and videos (subpages):
About different scooter at WC 2012:

About people at WC2012:

First day (thursday, 02.08.12, sprint):

Second day (friday, 03.08.12, relay + video criterium):

Third day 1. part (saturday, 04.08.12, marathon woman):

Third day 2. part (saturday, 04.08.12, marathon men):

3D (Photos as GIFs, you need no glasses, video 2D/3D switchable):

Some selected pictures see below on this page!

Some overall videos:
(The other 5 videos you can find on the subpages (people, sprint, marathonmen, relay+criterium), links see above)

My little trailer before WC 2012:

The "All days"-video of all 3 days at WC 2012:

Some Kicks at WC2012 or "Kick it like Alpo":

WM2012 historic :-):

Some selected shots:

The uncropped banana series is here.