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Main page with some selected pics from WC 2012 and videos:

About different scooter at WC 2012:

About people at WC2012:

WC2012 first day (thursday, 02.08.12, sprint):

WC2012 second day (friday, 03.08.12):

WC2012 third day 1. part (saturday, 04.08.12):

WC2012 third day 2. part (saturday, 04.08.12):

Fuji 3D W3: 3D-Video (woman criterium + relay):

You can deactivate 3D, if your monitor cannot show 3D or if you have no glasses (e.g. red - blue, configurable in YouTube) - use the 3D button in the bottom line of the picture.
With 3D: Check left and right. If not correct at your monitor, switch it.

3D shots WC 2012: